Show us the wAY To A healthier future 

Brain Mechanics innovation grants:

Help us usher in a new era of personalised, preventive, predictive & crowd sourced health care.  

Large scale problems require systems thinking & the experimentation of non-traditional, out of the box solutions.   

Are you up to the task?

In collaboration with other like minded non-profit, government & social enterprises, Brain Mechanics is in the initial stages of exploring the funding of key, innovative, alternative therapeutic & health technology approaches which align with our mission of taking on some of the toughest neurological health issues at scale. 

If you are passionate about what you do & feel the calling on working together, please feel free to contact us. 

Benefits of joining the movement:

Therapeutic Interventions:

Funding for Basic Discovery Science, Translational Research, Crowd Source Case Studies & Clinical Trials.

Health Technology Development:

Funding for hardware & software Prototype Building, Alpha Building, Beta Testing &  Go to Market Preparations. 

World Class Technology & Infrastructure:

It's not just about funding, it's about enabling your success by surround you with a world class team of scientist & technologist while empowering you with our world class R&D infrastructure with next generation technology services.

You get to use the same resources as our entire team such as the Health Care 3.0 platform & XAI (the worlds first Explainable AI) cloud based infrastructure, which combined deliver X 100 more data for X 19 less the cost of traditional standard of care approaches & enable true decentralised, crowd sourced research. 

We would love to explore our potential synergies.

Go Canada!

       We did it Canada! By passing Bill C-233, Canada has now become the latest country to develop a national dementia strategy to take on the problem at scale. Get the facts on the dementia crisis in Canada and find out what you can do to help make this a priority.

by: Karim Delgado