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Together we are making solid progress in delivering open source technology & therapeutic blue prints, in order to enable the resolution of some of the worlds toughest health problems.

Innovation Labs R&D Projects:

XAI (Alpha)

The alpha model of  the world's first Open Source 4G class XAI Explainable AI (Deep, Wide and Re-enforced Learning).


Fundraising Goal: $25,000 USD

Health Care 3.0 Sensors Platform (BETA)   

A decentralized, Machine Learning & AI Powered Bio-sensor & Bio-marker Platform.  

Delivers  Alzheimer's/ASD Case Study data point for 19X less than the current standard of care approaches ($196K USD vs $10KUSD)-patent pending. 

Fundraising Goal: $150,000 USD

XAI (Production)

The production model of  the world's first Open Source 4G class XAI (Deep, Wide and Re-enforced Learning) with Health Care 3.0 Data Ingestion from sensors, data sets specially trained to process Alzheimer’s patient data sets. 


Fundraising Goal: $1.5 Million USD

Alzheimer's Resolution Protocol  (Study) 

A 10 participant, 6 month clinical study:

Focused on proving a low cost, non pharmacological protocol which allows for the Diagnosis, Identification of Alzheimer's Type, it's root cause remediation & delivers bio-individual therapies  that not only stop & but also reverses the cognitive decline & the behavioral issues associated with dementia.

Fundraising Goal: $650,000 USD

Amyloid Beta & Tau  Clearing Protocol (BETA)

BETA testing of novel, non-pharmacological approach to clearing Amyloid Beta & Tau Proteins.

Fundraising Goal: $75,000 USD

Concussion Diagnostics (BETA)

Testing of a novel, Low cost,  Reliable Concession  & Brain Function Assessment Device combination  (Using non-imaging Technology) for early Alzheimer's & Dementia diagnostics.   

Fundraising Goal: $75,000 USD

Chronic TBI Resolution Protocol (Study)

A low cost, non-pharmacological approach to healing & optimising the brain functions for Chronic Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Fundraising Goal: $150,000 USD

ASD Resolution Protocol (Study)

A 10 participant, 6 month study:

Focused on proving recent Gut & Mitochondria ASD Root Cause Hypothesis & Non-Pharmacological Therapeutic interventions 

Fundraising Goal: $650,000 USD

Affect Regulation Student Therapy (Study)  

A cloud based, behavioral modeling & social learning education system & therapy that teaches students affect regulation skills (such as mindfulness, resilience & relaxation) & guides them through the process of learning, imitating & adopting these skills into their lives.

Fundraising Goal: $50,000 USD

Affect Regulation First Responders Therapy (Study) 

A cloud based, real time affect regulation therapy that guides first responders through  the process of learning, adopting & applying affect regulation skills into their lives in real time. 

Fundraising Goal: $50,000 USD

Type 2 Diabetes Protocol (Study)

A 6 month study focused on gauging the impact of SEM protocol on type 2 diabetic populations. 

Fundraising Goal: $100,000 USD

D3-charge (Prototype)

A Narrow band UVB (293nm ultraviolet) Bio-photo modulation therapy array which is clinically proven to be 2.4 times more efficient than sunlight for Producing Vitamin D3 in Human Skin

Fundraising Goal: $10,000 USD

Clinic in a box (BETA)

A sensor & technology platform that enables very low cost cost remote consultations & basic physicals service delivery model for remote locations, with a target service delivery price point of $5 USD per visit.

Fundraising Goal: $25,000 USD

Cell Danger Response Reset Protocol (Study)

A Non-Pharmacological approach to re-setting the Cell Danger Response 

Fundraising Goal: $150,000 USD

Neural Stem Cell Production Amplifier (BETA)

An innovative, low approach to increasing neural stem cell generation by 400% while activating 160 genes that control growth and regeneration for harvesting. 

Fundraising Goal: $25,000 USD

Emotional Regulation ASD AR System (Prototype)

An Android based, Augmented Reality, Affect Regulation, monitoring, communications, translation & bio-feedback device build specifically for improving the quality of life  & communications capabilities of Autism Spectrum Disorder populations & their families. 

Fundraising Goal: $75,000 USD

Cellular Protein Folding (Prototype)

A low cost, protein folding optimization &  cellular repair device & protocol.

Fundraising Goal: $25,000 USD

Delta Wave (Study)

A Non-Pharmacological approach for Delta (1-3 Hz) Brain wave generation, frequency &  amplification during sleep. 

Fundraising Goal: $150,000 USD


We would love to share more details about our life's work & to explore mutual synergies, please feel free to contact us to get the conversations started