we are open source health

The Foundation of Open Health:

Brain Mechanics Foundation is the Linux of Health Care. 

Brain Mechanics' Mission is to develop open source blueprints for highly scalable, low cost & bio-individualized, non-pharmaceutical solutions to neurological disorders. We aim to build a thriving R&D ecosystem that delivers advanced health technologies and medical therapeutic research supported by crowd sourced trials.

We share these innovations using an open source licensing model, where they become a legally protected resource for all humanity to use free of charge. 

Our Leadership Team

Karim Jose Delgado

CEO, Head of Product /R&D  

Matthew J. Jantomaso

Chief Evangelist 

Mia Salomakhin

Chief Technical Officer

Shabnam Das Kar M.D., FMNM 

Director, Functional Medicine 

Liliana Delgado

Chief Financial Officer 

Alex Yeoh

Director of Delivery  

Adam Potter MA, BCBA, BCN

Director, Behavior & Neuro-feedback Sciences

Dean Weirsma

Director, Education Sciences 

Wayne Butler