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On January 5, 2014 my Dad passed away from Alzheimer's; the next day I promised him that I'd dedicate the rest of my life to finding a solution to this deadly disease. 
From my family's loss sprouted a new hope......it's called the Brain Mechanics Foundation. 

-Karim Delgado, CEO Brain Mechanics Foundation 

we are The foundation of open source health:

Brain Mechanics Foundation is building the Linux of Health Care. 

We are a not for profit  collective of socially conscious volunteers, citizen scientist, social entrepreneurs,  academics, medical experts and IT, health, and civic technologists, all working together to deliver impactful,  scalable, open source, clinical, medical & technical solutions to some of the world’s toughest neurological health problems. 

Our vision is a world free from some of the most tragic brain disorders, driven by a new era of  personalized, predictive, preventive and crowd-sourced  medicine.


Our first objective is to eradicate Alzheimer's from the face of the Earth by developing a low cost, open source blueprint (technology & medical protocols) that empowers the delivery of innovative, bio-individualised, non-pharmaceutical,  Alzheimer's therapies to anyone, anywhere in the world.  

we have a solution, it's called                  the Alzheimer's Resolution (TM)

The Alzheimer's Resolution (TM) is an advanced, multi-modal medical protocol that combines functional medicine, cell therapies, nano-pharmacology, bio energetic medicine,  bio & neuro-feedback to  produces extraordinary results.  

When combined with our innovative health technology platform, our solution is able to stop & reverse the cognitive decline & behavioral issues associated with Alzheimer's Disease at scale. 

The Alzheimer's Resolution (TM) is a complete solution that delivers real, quantifiable improvements in the health & quality of life to the patient, their primary care giver, and their family. 

After 6 years of intense R&D, the Brain Mechanics Foundation is in the early stages of testing it & making it available to the world.

Become part of the solution:

Everyone knows a Cancer survivor, no one knows an Alzheimer's survivor...UNTIL NOW.

We no longer have to stand by feeling helpless while our families & friends suffer.

THERE IS A SOLUTION....become an active part of the solution, today.

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Help us raise the funds we need to resolve  the Alzheimer’s Epidemic.

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Our  Impact 

Thanks to your donations & help we are delivering innovative solutions.  We forecast that the  Brain Mechanics's Alzheimer’s Resolution will have a substantial & broad ranging social & economic impact. 

We estimate to achieve a cumulative cost savings of $3.1 billion by year 5 in the US & Canada, but we need your help.

$3.1 Billion Cost of Care Savings 

In US & CAN Health Care (Year 1-5: 500- 20K) 

$324,000 Per    Patient Savings

vs $341K Patient Life expectancy cost after diagnosis (Est 4-8 yrs. )

$141,000  Per Family Savings 

vs $20K USD per year of family out of pocket expenses (Est 4-8 yrs.)

Brain Mechanics Foundation Funds

Help Us Resolve Some Of The World's Toughest Health Problems

Your Donations at work:

Together we are making solid progress in building innovative, open source tech and non-pharma solutions to neurological disorders.


  • Healthcare 3.0 Class Sensor Platform 
  • Student Affect Regulation Therapy
  • Amyloid Plaque Clearing Protocol v1.0


  • Alzheimer's Resolution Protocol
  • Atom XAI (4G class Explainable Artificial Intelligence)
  • First Responders Affect Regulation Therapy                   


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Resolution Protocol
  • Brilliant Minds Neuro & Bio feedback platform

Go Canada!

We did it. By Passing Bill C-233, Canada has become the latest country to develop a national dementia strategy to address the overwhelming scale, impact & cost of dementia 

by Karim Delgado

Brain Mechanics

The Foundation of Open Source Health

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e: contact@brainmechanics.net

P: 1 (587) 998 5905 


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