the Alzheimer's solution 

a novel solution to a large scale problem:

Health Technology Platform

AI Powered Next Gen Bio-metrics/Bio Markers

Alzheimer's Protocol 

Clinically Proven Therapeutic Interventions

Health Care 3.0 + Alzheimer's Resolution Protocol = A Scalable Solution to Alzheimer's 

The Scale of  Alzheimer's disease and its burden on families,  society and  health care system is massive

After 6 years of intense R&D, the Brain Mechanics Foundation is in the early stages of testing its solution & making it available to the world. 

The Solution uses a cutting edge health technology platform to capture & analyse patient data in order to deliver bio-individual therapies that not only stops, but reverses the cognitive decline & behavioural issues associated with dementia.

In conjunction with reversal, our platform will then optimise the mental & physical health of the individual.


Solution architecture:

HEALTH CARE 3.0 Open Sense platform

Decentralized, Machine Learning & AI Powered Bio-sensor & Bio-marker data capture & monitoring solution that allows for Brain Mechanics to capture 100 times more data for 19x less the cost of standard care approach.  When  combined with real time bio-metrics, our Machine Learning enhanced molecular bio-markers (Genomics, Metabolomics, Proteomics, Microbiomics) allows for the capture of a high resolution health "snapshot" & quantification of the impact of subsequent treatment. 


The world's first open source, 4G Class XAI that performs deep, wide & reinforced learning, allowing for more precise correlations across human biology. 

XAI is an advanced, patent pending technology, that  solves the AI black box problem, by explaining it's findings using natural language, resulting in an AI system that can be trusted by both doctors & patients, by solving the legal, regulatory and ethical risks associated with current AI technologies.  


  • RE-Code+ (Enhanced Re-code Protocol to ID Root Cause)

  • RE-Generate(Optimizes Brain metabolism, Improves Cellular Function, Heals TBI & Stimulates Neurogenesis)

  • RE-Build(Optimizes Atrophied Brain Functions via Neuro-feedback)

  • RE-Store (Increases Deep Sleep ie. Delta Wave Generation)

  • RE-Balance(Emotional Regulation & Resilience)

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