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At Brain Mechanics Angels are what we call those that open their hearts and help us fundraise and advocate for the resolution of the cause they care the most about. 

It's our privilege to help you become an Angel for the cause you care most about- as our ambassador in your social circle, your voice is a key part of the solution. 

If you chose to join us, you will have a direct impact in our teams ability to deliver the vital research & development of the innovative therapies & technologies that are needed to help us stop the most devastating neurological diseases in this generation. 

There is a solution, become part of the solution TODAY!



Choose Your Cause

Start by choosing from one of the causes that you most care about.


Create Your Fundraiser

Your cause may need significant amount of money.  Establish the amount you feel like would be achievable for your peers.  

Inside of the donation page, click on "create fundraiser" button.  It will provide you with a form allowing you to create your message. 


Spread the word

Once you created your fund raiser, you will have a link for it.  All it takes is for you to share this link with any social media site or your site.  It's quite easy!

The more active you are at spreading the word, the more people react to your efforts by donating - the higher you  stand in the ranks of Brain Mechanics Angels & the more unique perks you will earn.  

Choose Your Cause:


Help us stop Alzheimer's in this generation!

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R&D Innovation Labs 

Help us define the future of health care  technologies.

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Type 2 Diabetes 

Help us innovate a practical Type 2 Diabetes solution.

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Help us resolve the emotion & behavior dis-regulation epidemics taking over our school systems.

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Autism (ASD)        

Help us innovate a practical Autism Spectrum Disorder resolution.                     

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First Responder's   

Help us resolve the emotion dis-regulation  epidemic that is affecting our first responder's.

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Go Canada!

       We did it Canada! By passing Bill-C233, Canada has now become the latest country to develop a national dementia strategy to take on the problem at scale. Get the facts on the dementia crisis in Canada and find out what you can do to help make this a priority.

by: Karim Delgado